Committee Chairs 2021


Chairperson – Kay Sartorius
Summary: The group selects a book to read and a discussion is held on the second Tuesday of the month in the evening. The location is on a rotating basis at the Book Club member’s home or the Shipyard Beach Club.

Co-Chairpersons – Barbara Davall, June Kashishian
Summary: Every meeting members are asked to bring books they want to give away, and in return, they may take any books they wish to read. This committee displays donated books on a table for each meeting and stores the books at the beach club after the meeting.

Chairperson – Margaret Zabawa
Summary: Four times a year, you and a guest or spouse attend dinners at members’ homes. Once a year, you host 3 couples at your homes and prepare the main course, and the other couples provide appetizers, salad & bread, and dessert. You can also opt to be on the substitute list to fill-in for couples who can’t attend the dinner at the last minute.

Chairperson –  Joanne Barlow
Summary: Members join the group for a round of golf. Call the chairperson to join the group and for details as to where, when, and cost to play.

SWC History 
Chairperson – Candi Humphrey
Summary: The club historian and her committee document the significant events for the club in writing and in photos and plan a presentation to the club periodically.

Co-Chairperson(s) – Charmaine Fish & Lynn Gustafson
Summary: A calendar is circulated at the first meeting and at each subsequent meeting until the calendar is filled for the year. Three members volunteer to provide refreshments for one meeting during the year. The chairperson appoints a captain among the 3 members to coordinate food. SWC provides the cost of a fruit bowl for each meeting, coffee, tea and supplies.

Co-Chairperson(s) – Pat Gentile & Kathy Herr
Summary: This committee maintains a list of items that members are willing to lend to members who need them on a temporary basis. The committee updates the list and contacts periodically. A copy of the lend and borrow list is available online and in the member’s binder.

Co – Chairperson(s) – Leslie Abbate & Cathy Todd
Summary: On the third Tuesday of each month, members meet for lunch at a restaurant selected by the committee. If you are interested in socializing with other club members, call Leslie or Carol and your name will be added to the lunch bunch list. Each month you will receive an e-mail with details about the luncheon.

Chairperson – Margaret Zabawa
Summary: Members can participate on Tuesdays after club meetings to play Mah Jongg.  Margaret Zabawa will give instructions to new players.

Chairperson  – Brenda Street
Summary: This committee maintains a current list of members on the website and welcomes new members at club meetings and introduces the new person to other members. SWC dues is due in January of each year.

Chairperson – Coleen Malone
Summary: When made aware by other club members, this committee sends cards to members who are ill or have suffered a loss.   It also maintains a list of members (Helping Hands) who will provide assistance to an ill or incapacitated member. Types of assistance include meal preparation, transportation, and pet care. The committee updates the Helping Hands list and contacts periodically.

Chairperson:   Lorice Frost
Summary: This committee makes changes on the SWC website as directed by the executive committee to insure accuracy of the information. It also insures that website fees are paid when due. The website is but you know that because you’re reading this!



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